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Moses Hoyte
Labor Foreman

Muzon E. Hoyte (aka “Moses”) is a Labor Foreman at VOREA. Moses started his career in the labor industry as an Assistant Gardener at the luxurious Villa Ultramarine on Mustique Island in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) where he was born. In addition to maintaining the grounds immaculately, Moses also responded to the needs of VIP guests; thus learning the importance of both working with his hands, and working with diverse people by being cordial, kind, and often funny. He is a “people person.”

Raised by a loving and resilient grandmother with high expectations, Moses immigrated to the United States in 2013 to create more opportunities for himself and his family. Shortly upon his arrival in New York, Moses began working as a plumber for EMR Mechanical Corporation where he performed a variety of duties while building his skills and learning how contracts, inspections, and other project related components are managed in the United States. These experiences all prepared Moses for when he would join VOREA in the summer of 2017 as a laborer. He is excited to nurture the growth of other laborers in his role as Labor Foreman, which started in early 2021.

During his personal time, Moses enjoys cooking, sailing, fishing, and swimming. His love for swimming was born out of his time spent enjoying the Caribbean Sea (which surrounds SVG). His expertise as a swimmer is notable as his hometown friends nicknamed him “Sea Bass”, a type of fish. Moses also enjoys playing cricket. His love for the sport grew exponentially during his visit to Australia after winning the Digicel Australia Cricket Competition. He is also a captivating singer (if you catch him on a good day). 

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